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Morrison's Parents Take The Doors To Court

Deceased rocker Jim Morrison's parents have sued the remaining members of The Doors - claiming that by re-forming the band with Cult singer Ian Astbury on vocals they have "maliciously misappropriated" the name.

George and Clara Morrison claimed breach of contract, unfair competition and trademark infringement in a Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages and to put a stop to the new incarnation of the band.

The lawsuit says, "Over the past 37 years the legendary rock band the Doors has become one of the most distinctive names in contemporary music.

"Defendants have knowingly, intentionally and maliciously misappropriated and infringed upon the valuable name and logo of the Doors by stealing these valuable property rights and employing them for the purpose of naming, promoting and marketing a new band."

The "Riders on the Storm" singer's girlfriend Pamela Courson, who is named in the lawsuit as owning half of Morrison's share of The Doors, is also suing the band.
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