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some bombbb shit musicians.

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Hi all!! [23 May 2005|03:58pm]

[ mood | xDD ]

Hi!I have joined in this community ´cause I love your music taste.I´m a Spanish girl and I´m 18.I play guitar too and i loooove it ;))
By the way,I have create a new comunity about rock and punk.At the moment we´re only 21 members..
We´re very lonely..xDD I hope that you will enter in my community soon!!
Kisses!!If you love rock n roll and punk you might join!



[14 Apr 2005|05:01pm]
title or description

WAKARUSA [17 Mar 2005|02:21pm]

So as it gets closer to that time of year again, I’m sure you’re all asking yoursleves “what will be my big event of the summer” Well Have I got something to fill the void. Check it out Jam fans; Wakarusa, June 17,18,&19 in Lawrence, Kansas. “But whats so good about it?” you ask… well 50+ of your favorite bands (except phish) including Gov’t Mule, SCI, Wilco, STS9, Little Feat, Umphreys McGee, Particle, JMP, Galactic, and a whole heck of a lot more. Well don’t take my word for it, go over and check it out yourself at www.Wakarusa.com

Happy Summer Festing!!

Jeph b


Spanish Boots of Spanish Leather [06 Jul 2004|02:27pm]

So here is the newest creation from Sounds Like A New Tranny Designs:

Like The Ocean's Pounding RoarCollapse )
3 a' rollin rock

[20 Apr 2004|09:14pm]

hey guys im new, i found out about this community after it came up under searches for phish and medeski martin and wood

i love all kinds of music especially rock n roll, but also more jam based music and jazz
1 a' rollin rock

[03 Feb 2004|02:08pm]

Does anyone know a better picture host? I keep trying to fix my pictures but it's such a fuckin pain in the ass, everyone's been using photobucket, argh, help please

[03 Jan 2004|01:13pm]

Everyone: attention: i made a community: conosciamo

Anyone who wants to join please leave me a message- thanks!

I WANT FRIENDS!!! [07 Dec 2003|06:51pm]

hey i;m new to this commutiny!! haha community. neways i just wanted all of you guys to add me as your buddy and i'll so the same. thanks
1 a' rollin rock

[01 Jul 2003|07:54pm]

[ mood | restless ]

hi im new
i live in atlanta and stuff...
does anyone ever look at this anyways?

1 a' rollin rock

[28 May 2003|06:21pm]

i ruleeeeee.



2 a' rollin rock

[15 May 2003|03:52pm]

1 a' rollin rock

[13 May 2003|06:02pm]

Looking for 1 Ticket for the SOLD OUT Bonnaroo Music Festival???Collapse )
1 a' rollin rock

from http://www.b1043.com/script/headline_newsmanager.php?id=149613&pagecontent=musicnewsclassicrock [30 Apr 2003|10:45pm]

Morrison's Parents Take The Doors To Court

Deceased rocker Jim Morrison's parents have sued the remaining members of The Doors - claiming that by re-forming the band with Cult singer Ian Astbury on vocals they have "maliciously misappropriated" the name.

George and Clara Morrison claimed breach of contract, unfair competition and trademark infringement in a Los Angeles Superior Court lawsuit, which seeks unspecified damages and to put a stop to the new incarnation of the band.

The lawsuit says, "Over the past 37 years the legendary rock band the Doors has become one of the most distinctive names in contemporary music.

"Defendants have knowingly, intentionally and maliciously misappropriated and infringed upon the valuable name and logo of the Doors by stealing these valuable property rights and employing them for the purpose of naming, promoting and marketing a new band."

The "Riders on the Storm" singer's girlfriend Pamela Courson, who is named in the lawsuit as owning half of Morrison's share of The Doors, is also suing the band.
2 a' rollin rock

[25 Apr 2003|04:12pm]

Feed My Frankenstein------>Alice Cooper--->

Well, I ain't evil, I'm just good lookin'
Start a little fire, and baby start cookin'
I'm a hungry man
But I don't want pizza
I'll blow down your house
And then I'm gonna eat ya

Bring you to a simmer
Right on time
Run my greasy fingers
Up your greasy spine

Feed my Frankenstein
Meet my libido
He's a psycho
Feed my Frankenstein
Hungry for love
And it's feeding time

You udon't want to talk
So baby shut up
And let me drink the wine from your fur tea cup
Velcro candy, sticky sweet
Make my tattoos melt in the heat
Well, I ain't no veggie
Like my flesh on the bone
Alive and lickin' on your ice cream cone

Feed my Frankenstein
Meet my libido
He's a psycho
Feed my Frankenstein
Hungry for love
And it's feeding time

[21 Apr 2003|07:18pm]

[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<img [...] down!!??">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<img src="http://pic6.picturetrail.com/VOL174/1022650/1909856/23846317.jpg"is britney breaking down!!??" />


[21 Apr 2003|03:03pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

lets get this community rolling again... promote this community amongst people u know, and post links whenever u post in the other communities u belong to.

come onnn, lets get this thing going again!

remember, post pictures, tour dates, lyrics... anything!! it doesnt matter.!

thank you, doron.

1 a' rollin rock

[17 Apr 2003|03:20pm]

Did anyone put in an email for the Trey lottery? If so have you heard back? I think we have up until the 21st to find out but i'm not sure.
4 a' rollin rock

[16 Apr 2003|09:25pm]

so me & a couple friends (Fat, Jared & Drew) went to the mall on the 13th i believe & had a run in with this guy.........praise jesus i had my camera.

oh by the way feel free to express any jealousy

4 a' rollin rock

[16 Apr 2003|05:26pm]

(tumbleweed rolls by)

[08 Apr 2003|10:43pm]

do any of you guys have dmb tickets for any of the so cal shows???


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